Runner of Week – Sadiya Campwala

Runner of Week – Sadiya Campwala 2017-11-01T15:41:00+05:30

Sadiya Campwala

SoleFest (SF): Since when did you took to running?

Sadiya Campwala (SC): Two years ago. Started running on a regular basis since 2016.

SF: Tell us something more about yourself?

SC: I enjoy sports & fitness. I believe everyone should play at least ONE sport everyday. At least for 30 minutes.

SF: Was there any particular reason, for your decision to take to running?

SC: Fitness.

SF: What is the best you like about running?

SC: So many actually..

  1. Healthy glowing skin.
  2. Better physique.
  3. Better mood.

SF: What is the one thing you hate about running?

SC: The rest days!! I was tempted to run long distances and on all days but had learnt not to ignore science which says that rest days are equally important .

SF: Running is mostly about spending energy, can you describe about your other workouts to earn that energy?

SC: Core Strengthening, HIIT, Some body weight exercises.

SF: Describe something about the transformation that you got mentally and physically after you took to running?

SC: Immense peace of mind..They say Running is meditation on adrenaline !! Exercise is the most underutilised antidepressant. When angry / sad/ depressed etc , go for a run and see the change in your mood instantly.It gives u a rush! My most favourite physical change is the healthy glow I have on my skin since I took to running..I look fitter than before.

SF: There is a saying that behind every success there are some unknown hands, who are the people behind you whom you would like to thank for your running success?

SC: Baroda Road Runners !! The group runs have helped a lot..I found many like minded people in BRR. The knowledge they posess  about running is amazing !

SF: There is a general tendency or if said apprehension about running, like injury to knee and stress to other body parts, due to which many people don’t take to running, what is your view on that?

SC: Injuries can be easily avoided if  one pays heed to science. Don’t ignore expert advice. Read as much as u can about the proper running form & technique.Combine running with the necessary strength training and keep injuries at bay. Dont run through injuries. If injured, give ur body adequate time to recover.

SF: Sadiya you are also into shooting,can you tell us something more about your sport for our readers?

SC: Shooting is said to be a psychological sport.You need to have calm nerves and a positive attitude . It is a sport of precision.My coach says , “ You don’t play a match of 40 shots but you play 40 matches of a single shot  !!”  The best or nothing. Every shot is important. It requires a lot of discipline & self control which you need to practice not only on the shooting range but off the range too !!!  It has made me a better person !

SF:Does running help you in that sport of yours?

SC: Absolutely Running has helped me built the necessary stamina for it. Over a period of time Running will help me decrease my resting heart rate & breath rate both of which will benefit me in my sport.

SF: What diet do you follow?

SC: I totally avoid Junk food. Consume enough water & fruits everyday. My most important meal is the breakfast which is usually king size & with enough protein !!

SF: What would you like to advice any newbie who would like to take to running?

SC: Running is one of the Best things that can happen to you ..make sure you read about the correct form & technique about running, talk to fellow runners & do enough core workout . All this combined with the much needed rest  will surely keep you injury free.

SF: What are your plans for SoleFest 2.0?

SC: 21 Km.