Runner of the Week – Pragnesh Patel

Runner of the Week – Pragnesh Patel 2018-08-13T16:10:28+05:30

Pragnesh Patel

This week we have with us,Pragnesh Patel who will feature as the Runner of the Week on the Solefest. Pragnesh Patel has achieved many a milestones in running. It is better when we know about his experience in running from his own description.

SoleFest (SF): Since when did you took to running?

Pragnesh Patel (PP): I have started running in July 2015.

SF: Was there any particular reason, for your decision to take to running?

PP: yes, to be very specific, I went to one of the resort for fun holiday with my office colleagues & there spent entire day by playing various games. My legs felt soreness & couldn’t move for next 3 days. So, there comes the strong reason to focus on fitness and what else could be best than to take up running.

SF: What is the best you like about running?

PP: The best thing I like about running is you can be at peace while running & get a chance to make lot of best friends through the love of running.

SF: What is the one thing you hate about running?

PP: I hate to wake up early in the morning.

SF: Running is mostly about spending energy, can you describe about your other workouts to earn that energy?

PP: Running can be done 3 or 4 times a week and on other days, I am doing cross training as a form of cycling, hiking, yoga, strength training, and circuit workout.

SF: Describe something about the transformation that you got mentally and physically after you took to running?

PP: Running helps to boost to my confidence and self-esteem. By setting and achieving goals, I feel a great sense of empowerment that will leave me feeling much happier. Running is one of the best forms of exercise for losing or maintaining a consistent weight. I almost lost 8 kg in 2 years and that too without reducing the food intake.

SF: There is a saying that behind every success there are some unknown hands, who are the people behind you whom you would like to thank for your running success?

PP: I would like to give big hug & thanks to my wife sweta, without her support it wouldn’t have been possible as she is the one who is taking care of kids when I am going out for daily run or participate in marathon events. It would be impossible to be consistent in running without help, support & guidance from running buddies from BRR & DBR.

SF: There is a general tendency or if said apprehension about running, like injury to knee and stress to other body parts, due to which many people don’t take to running, what is your view on that?

PP: It’s a myth that running will bad to knee/other parts of body. I have observed no. of people who haven’t run more than 2k in their life and still had to undergo knee replacement or having persistent problem in the knee. If you run with correct body posture, then it would be beneficial to your health & improve bone density.

SF: What would you like to advice any newbie who would like to take to running?

PP: Wake up & start doing walk/run whatever makes you feel good. You will require dedication & commitment to go out at least 5 days/week to make yourself healthy. You can join local running groups in FB/whatsapp to keep you motivate & help you to find answers to your questions. There will be soreness/pain after your few runs, but that shouldn’t stop you for doing what you want to achieve. You can take rest for few days or do cross training and you’ll be back on track. This happened with most of the runners. It only requires 21 days to make or break habit.

SF: What is your view about Solefest?

PP: It’s an event for runners by runners as runners are being taken care of whether its start time, on route hydration/volunteer support or post-run breakfast. The most that I like about SoleFest is, spreading awareness for the noble cause of Organ Donation.

SF: What are your plans for SoleFest 2.0?

PP: I am planning to participate in 10k with a target of sub-50.