Runner of Week – Neha Smart

Runner of Week – Neha Smart 2017-10-11T12:09:28+05:30

Neha Smart

This week we have with us,Neha Smart who will feature as the Runner of the Week on the Solefest. Neha Smart doesn’t require any introduction,she is quite a famous person in the running circuit of Vadodara.She can be considered a celebrity of sorts also.So now let us hear from her,her running experiences and how she has took to running.

SoleFest (SF): Since when did you took to running?

Neha Smart (NS): I have been running since about 3 to 4years.

SF: Was there any particular reason, for your decision to take to running?

NS: I had an injury while playing badminton ,hence  was  recovering  from that . In the mean time,  few of my friends encouraged me to start running . I just tried  and found that I actually enjoyed it . I also feel that it is the base of all other sports …Apart from that, it is so convenient ,one can run anywhere , does not necessarily need a team or court  and in sync with nature (outdoors)  and ofcourse makes you get up early.

SF: What is the best you like about running?

NS: The feel good factor  when you put your shoes on and are set to go …and go …,The same feeling emanated out of waheeda Rehman,when she sang, “Kaato se kheench key eh Aaanchal” from film guide,I wear the shoes and I feel the same for running that waheeda feels for dancing

SF: What is the one thing you hate about running?

NS: nothing really apart from the fact ….that its addictive .And being addictive is not good,I suppose

SF: Running is mostly about spending energy, can you describe about your other workouts to earn that energy?

NS: Swimming and cycling mainly … and then ofcourse core workout and abs.

SF: Describe something about the transformation that you got mentally and physically after you took to running?

NS: Running  taught me perseverance and the attitude to give in your best , to become better than yesterday and thats what life is about …. you aspire that your each day is better spent than the last day. To discover yourself … and physically ofcourse improved my efficiency  and I shed a few kgs here and there. 

SF: There is a saying that behind every success there are some unknown hands, who are the people behind you whom you would like to thank for your running success?

NS: Yes of course, I would like to thank my garden buddies who always motivate me and encourage me to give in my best. Also , groups runs  and events organised by BRR OR DBR are a great source of encouragement.

SF: There is a general tendency or if said apprehension about running, like injury to knee and stress to other body parts, due to which many people don’t take to running, what is your view on that?

NS: Yes..there is a lot of hue and cry about it. But if one is methodical  ,then should not be a problem. Its like , if you want to play badminton , you cannot play the match on the first day. You have to learn footwork, strokes , arm action etc… likewise, running is about stregthening your muscles not only of the legs,but back , hamstrings, foot , core etc.. Also , going step by step is important.

SF:You went through an injury this year,can you throw some more light on the type of injury that you had,so that our runners can gain some insight?

NS : I had a meniscal tear of the knee along with ligament (acl) tear. Though ,I did not get this while running or from running , I think its very important to do warm up  before and cool down after a run. Streghtening the muscles is the main thing. So, never undermine the importance of core workout or muscle streghtening.

SF: What would you like to advice any newbie who would like to take to running?

NS:Come on buddy ..just join in … shall share the date and time for the next run !

SF: What is your view about Solefest?

NS:I think so in coming few years,this event will be a must do event in the calendar of the runners of india.The first chapter of the event itself unfolded so many good things that it was unbelievable that marathon event that charges so less could make you feel like the kings and queens of running.I wish that they get many partners with them for this noble cause of organ donation

SF: What are your plans for SoleFest 2.0?

NS: I am just going to enjoy the event and run like I did in first edition,well this edition also I would not mind getting a podium finish,but that is the last thing in my mind