Runner of Week – Narendra Joshi

Runner of Week – Narendra Joshi 2017-10-11T12:12:11+05:30

Narendra Joshi

This week we have with us,Narendra Joshi who will feature as the Runner of the Week on the Solefest. Narendra Joshi has acheived many a milestones in running.Last Year in BRR 12-Hour Ultra,he did the most running by clocking in more than 80 Kms in 12 hours and was congratulated by the Sports Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Rajendra Trivedi. It is better, we know about his experience in running from his own description.

SoleFest (SF): Since when did you took to running?

Narendra Joshi (NJ): I have started running in December 2012.

SF: Was there any particular reason, for your decision to take to running?

NJ: There wasn’t any particular reason that was behind me to take to running.Initially I used to go to Akota garden for a walk.One day I saw a handsome guy running there and got so impressed by him that I started running with him and under his guidance my runs started getting longer and longer.That handsome guy is none other than Dr.Rajesh Chauhan.He can be termed as the motivating factor behind my running long distance.

SF: What is the best you like about running?

NJ: I love food and running long distance gives me the liberty to have an intake of more calories.

SF: What is the one thing you hate about running?

NJ: There is nothing that I hate about running. Not Even getting up in the morning.Running is a part of my life.

SF: Running is mostly about spending energy, can you describe about your other workouts to earn that energy?

NJ: Apart from running, the other forms  workout that I do to earn energy are swimming and cycling as cross training

SF: Describe something about the transformation that you got mentally and physically after you took to running?

NJ: Running helped me feel much more energetic and there was a sense of confidence started building inside me that was never seen before. Being a runner also makes me feel special.

SF: There is a saying that behind every success there are some unknown hands, who are the people behind you whom you would like to thank for your running success?

NJ: I would like to give thanks to my wife,My friends Mohammed,Faiz ,Arvind to name a few,all my running buddies in the Akota Running Group,BRR and DBR and no words of thanks is enough for Dr.Rajesh Chauhan without whom,I still would not have been running.

SF: There is a general tendency or if said apprehension about running, like injury to knee and stress to other body parts, due to which many people don’t take to running, what is your view on that?

NJ: I don’t think that running causes any type of injury if the process of running long distance is increased gradually.Yes knowledge about proper form that needs to be maintained for running is a primary requirement.Warmup and stretching should be given due importance before running and proper cool down also should be done post running.

SF: Last year you did 80+ Kms in BRR Ultra.How was the experience?

NJ: Last year I did 80kms in 12 hours in BRR Ultra.It was a thrilling and exhilarating experince .The run boosted my confidence .Mentally and Physically now I Feel that I can achieve anything in my life.

SF: What would you like to advice any newbie who would like to take to running?

NJ: I would advice that if you have decide that you need to start running,then start running at that moment and just carry on,slowly and slowly your body will get adapted to your new regime and will develop accordingly.

SF: What is your view about Solefest?

NJ: Though just one event old,I would ask all the runners to attend this event.It should be must in the calendar of every runner.Where do you get unlimited food after running ,which can be equated to a full length meal.It looks like a large family,the gathering,the laughter is so contagious that after the event is over,you feel something void in your life

SF: What are your plans for SoleFest 2.0?

NJ: Being in the organising committee,I have to take care of other like last year I will be piloting the lead runners on my bullet.But that service also give me a sense of fullness,as if I have ran the event myself.