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Solefest is an event where we categorically cater to Marathon runners. We won’t say we are different,but we would say we intend to create a different class of event. Primarily our event is charity based,we do not intend to make money out of the event and our cost to the runners are so low compared to the services rendered that it would be hard to believe at the first instance itself.

As per statistical data, the rate of organ donation is just 1 in two million people and this was at a dismal 1 in 20 million people five years before. By pledging to donate our organs we are trying to help those people who wait endlessly for an organ to sustain their life. Our organs will help in saving one more life. So solefest intends to carry this humanitarian work through its event to a farther level.

The Registration fees cover your t-shirt,medal,timing certificate,hydration and also a sumptuous post run indian breakfast that is equivalent to a meal. Yes you would not believe it,but be sure in this minuscule amount we are going to provide you all these services.

You will be be provided with a complete map of the race route which will answer to all your questions.

The excess funds are transferred to HCG Foundation,where the excess funds are utilized for the treatment of marginal patients for the treatment of cancer.


Zumba is an exercise program which involves dance and Aerobic movements to energetic music. We use Zumba for our participants as a form of warm-up before the run.

Yes, unbelievable, we will treat you to a sumptous breakfast that can be termed a meal and that too unlimited quantity for the participants and volunteers.

Solefest is a run organised by runners themselves with support from HCG Cancer Centre Vadodara and Spandan Multispeciality Hospital.

Yes, For the Half-Marathon the time will be 3:00 Hrs and for 10Kms it will be 1:45 Hrs

A)We will be taking a maximum of 1200 participants totalling across both the categories of half-marathon and 10kms.

A)Sorry, but we don’t provide this facility.

If the mistake is reported within a reasonable period of time at our official email id solefestvadodara(at)gmail.com, we would gladly help you out with rectification. But if the error is reported just within 15 days of the event, we would not be able to help you out with change in t-shirts particularly.

You are fit enough to run within the next two days of your blood donation.

Please get in contact with the admin team for the solefest on our official email solefestvadodara(at)gmail.com, we would surely help you out.

You can collect the Bib kit in 3 days prior to Event date. The Address will be provided in the form.

No,you have to collect the Bib on the designated dates mentioned. Yes, your friend can collect it but he or she will need to produce your counterfoil for the collection of the Bib.

If there are any, then the same will be informed on the website www.solefestindia.in

Yes it is a timed Event.

Yes Medical facilities will be there enroute as well physiotherapy support will be provided.

While running you should take care that you do not create a hindrance to any fellow runner. If you  feel any discomfort please get in touch with out volunteers, they will help you out in case of any emergency situation.

The last date of registration will be 24-Nov-2019 20:00 Hrs.

You can fill up the volunteer form on the website. We would be obliged by your service.Right now we don’t accept any donations, But will inform of the changes.

If you reside in Vadodara you can train for the run with our support partner Baroda Road Runners. You can get in touch with them on FB. Apart from that we will be putting up training plans  on the website also.

We would like to gladly answer that question.You can fill up the form in connect us on our website www.solefestindia.in